branding strategist & graphic designer

I help makers find success with quality service, research, innovative design, and thought-provoking inspiration.


I believe in making awesome websites,

visual identities, and amazing brands.




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Your brand, your storY.

it's useless unless you tell it to the right audience.


there is more to branding than  your logo...


Your brand is truly about your story. It's about what makes your company tick. It's about the why - why you do what you do. 

Why you painstakingly burn your fingers or dig clay out of your nails every day or stay up all night finishing your inventory for that big art show.


It's about the passion behind your product, the

reason you work so hard, THAT is your brand. 

Let's figure out the why and the who - let's tell

your story...let's develop your brand and build your followers.





-  the why  -

Everything I do,

I do because I love

the handmade and 

the authentic.

I believe in helping artisans and makers find success in their passions. 

I believe in challenging them to think bigger.


   I believe in the makerS

The independent thinkerS, inventors, designers, and artisans WHO make their own handmade and bespoke products.


I believe in self-reliance, in knowing where our food and clothing come from.


I believe in open-source learning, contemporary design, and living in a society that is free from visual clutter.

I believe in handmade, authentic products that aren’t mass-produced, but thoughtful pieces of functional art.






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kathryn nelson said:

Content Designer at Orbit Media Studios, Inc.


“Heather's knack for design has many dimensions. I have worked with Heather on projects that required her to interpret complex concepts as simplified images and figures. She goes above and beyond when it comes to every detail of a design, ensuring that the final product is of the highest caliber. 


Heather's trademark is her unique perspective and originality. For clients she delivers designs that capture both the brand image and the audience's attention. Spunky, bright, creative and a joy to work with.”


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Carly Wujcik said:

President of Active Marketing


“I've had the pleasure of working with Heather at two different marketing agencies and can say, confidently, that she is one of the most talented graphic designers I've ever worked with. Her eye for designs that are innovative, yet intrinsically balanced, is a rare and valuable talent. Coupled with her "always sunny" disposition, Heather is a great asset to any team.


I recommend her, highly, for her contribution to the design expertise and positive culture of any business.”


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