I have been busy the last month or so tending to my very first garden. I have waited my whole life to have my own garden. I grew up learning about plants and tending to them with my mom, but at a nursery. My mom instilled a love for plants, gardening and the earth from a young age. I figured I should try and do the same with my children. So, I have taken on the very big task (I had no idea it was so much work) of making my very own Garden. Tilling, weeding, sowing seeds, more weeding, cultivating, learning and researching (what is eating my green bean leaves? ugh!) and watering. It has been a blessing for me to be able to spend some time in the dirt. God lives in my Garden and I meet him there.

I have been thinking and praying in my Garden. It's actually quite a nice break from my children. I get to spend a minute with the Lord and experience a peace I have never quite experienced before. I had never thought about God being the first Gardener. It's so amazing when you think about it. The God who created the soil, the sky, water, and the plants crafted the earth first, then he put us there, in His garden.

"Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed."

Genesis 2:8  (NIV)


I am learning that God meets us in the Garden. The garden can be a place of hope, thoughtfulness and as Jesus found out, a place of betrayal. The garden has both good and bad in it; in the garden is evil and righteousness.  In the garden is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and also the tree of life. Just like the slimy little bugs and critters that are eating my green beans, there is the beauty God intends for us to see. The beauty of my growing tomatoes and squash and the beauty of my 3-year-old daughter being so excited to try a radish for the very first time! That joy is unexplainable. 


I thought I would share with you, my joys, struggles and frustrating moments in my little Garden of Eden. 



My Garden Is Growing








Before I set out to start my business I knew that it was so important to spend time with the Lord...I can tell when I forget or my life gets crazy. My heart starts to wilt and I don't bear any fruit when I ignore my yearning to spend time with God. My business slows and my energy wanes, and when I try and do things myself without putting the Lord first, I fail. Just like Eve in the Garden, when we try to use our own reasoning, rather than being obedient to what God commands us, we become deceived. I have to be purposeful and spend time with God or a snake may grow in the garden of my own heart. If we choose our own knowledge of what we think is “good” or “evil” rather than seeking the mind of Christ, it brings forth death (and rotten tomatoes). (Romans 6:23).



THE BEAUTY THAT GROWS - being a working stay at home mom 


I can't tell you how blessed I am to be able to work from home and see my children grow. It truly is a tough job being a working/stay at home mom. I know that many of my clients are working stay at home moms and at times we get exhausted, run down and just darn cranky. I have to ask what kind of activities do you do to keep your sanity? I spend my time in the Garden, meditating on God's marvels and his love for me. Being a full-time mom and business owner is not easy that is for sure. 


What I am loving about this garden adventure is seeing how the Lord is using it to teach me new and amazing things. Life is not perfect, gardens are not perfect (my rows are crooked in fact), ants try and take over, things happen and slugs eat my plants. In life, we can't control everything and that is ok we don't have to. As you can see below my house is a bit messy at times but my children are growing, learning and excited about trying radishes. Even though life is crazy as long as I keep myself focused on God nothing else matters. I am a perfectionist and it shows in my design work...but God says that HIS work is perfect and mine doesn't have to be...I just have to learn, work hard, weed my garden and play with my children and we will be ok.


Garden Helpers


I can't wait to share more about my Gardening journey. I am curious to hear some of the things you do to recharge, balance yourself and find your strength? Share with me in the comments.


Be Blessed!

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