I was born to be a graphic designer and discovered this at a young age when I started branding my own snow-sports line in 7th grade. From there I went to a high school vocational center for “visual communications” where I won a few state awards, designed and printed t-shirts myself and learned how to use a Heidelberg 4 color press. I was also blessed with an amazing high school art teacher who taught me the basic's of jewelry making, drawing, and the phrase, "Do it again."

I have been exposed to the fine arts and traditional crafts my entire life, from my mother who would drag me along to her Raku and pottery classes in college, her landscape design classes (when she couldn't find a sitter) and the creative mixed-media that she would craft. Art has been at the center of my being since I was a young girl.


Even my father, a 30 year practiced mason gave me a hardworking midwestern work ethic. I remember I actually got in trouble with my father when I was in 6th grade because I spent more time designing my English class autobiography book instead of writing it. 


 This creativity springboarded my passion for branding, design, illustration, and user experience design.


I attended Ferris State University where I honed and tweaked my design skills. I am so glad that I went to a business college instead of a fine arts college though because I was taught the business side of the arts. Marketing, Economics, branding, sales, English, Art History, and the Sciences. It was very competitive and I spent many of nights up all night because of deadlines and tough teachers. I miss it and them.


Really I Believe in the maker, the independent thinker, inventors, designers, and artisans that make their own handmade and bespoke products. 


I believe in self-reliance, knowing where our food and clothing comes from.


I believe in open-source learning, contemporary design, and living in a society that is free from visual clutter, handmade, authentic products that aren’t mass produced but thoughtful pieces of functional art.


 I have had the privilege of working in several places in the US and I am now based in the Raleigh - Durham area of North Carolina. I am so blessed to be able to work with such awesome artisans and creative people from all over the world. I am simply a blessed brand strategist, designer, mother, and wife.


Besides my passion for branding and aesthetic design and functionality, I am a full time mother, flea market DIY’er, chai latte aficionado, amateur art collector and outdoors enthusiast.  




Handmade Branding