CHristmas crazIness and the new year




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I have been thinking about what I should write and decided I should write about my crazy holiday. I guess it's not really that eventful, I mean I didn't get stuck at an airport or lose my child or something worse but man, it was a riot of a holiday. 


First, just getting the decorating and cleaning done was a challenge this year. Along with my business duties and mommy duties, my plate was beyond full. I even managed to get a bout of Mastitis. If you are a mom you totally know how terrible and rotten having Mastitis can be. Having mastitis and having your family over in your small country house is a crazy adventure. Ok, maybe not an adventure maybe it's more like a madhouse. 

I really enjoyed having our family over for the Holidays but I also missed sleeping in my bed and having a "normal" schedule with my kids. Every mom can attest to the importance of having a schedule for little ones. It helps the day go more smoothly and they always know what's coming next. It reduces tantrums and helps things flow better. When family comes all that is pretty much out the window. It takes months to get back in the groove once the holidays are over. 

Trying to get work done while my family is here is really hard. 

It's nice to have all the extra help but at the same time its almost impossible to focus. Plus your kids are so overwhelmed with all the activity that they seem to need more Mommy time. I think next year I will be taking a break from work during the Holidays. Trying to get client work and all of my other duties done is pretty impossible. So much so I got myself sick with Mastitis. UGH, the worst. 

Besides the billion things I had on my to do list I still had a great and very blessed Christmas. It was so nice to see my stepson who we flew down for the break. I can't believe he will be 16 this month. Time goes by so fast! It seems just like yesterday he marched through the house as "Captain Underpants" Oh I miss that. lol, I also got to spend my first Christmas with both of my parents in the same place. That was pretty cool. I even got to see my dad play Santa for a minute. Another high point of my Christmas was spending time with my Mother-In-Law. I actually got to do a little bit of shopping and hanging out with her. It was nice to connect with her. 


Playing Santa

I also, not to brag, got the best Christmas gift from my husband. A new toy I can use for business. A Wacom tablet that I can use to illustrate and draw. I got to use it while designing my sons first birthday party invites. Yes, that also happened a few days after Christmas. My son turned 1 on the 28th so that was a bittersweet day as well. Anyway my new toy has come in handy already. I am in love with it and cant wait to see how it streamlines my design process and helps me become more efficient with my illustrations. I owe a huge thank you card to my husband for the awesome Christmas gift...or maybe I should just take him out on a date.


Lumberjack Birthday Invite- Wacom Tablet 

I also loved starting new traditions with my kids. This year Emmalyn is old enough to start understanding what Christmas is all about. In our home, Christmas is about Jesus and his gift of salvation to us. She might not understand that yet but we are setting a foundation for her to celebrate Christmas and the blessing that Jesus is. This year we sang happy birthday to Jesus and had a birthday pie. She even blew out the candle for Jesus. I loved seeing her and the excitement of the day was contagious. 


Overall the holidays were crazy but nice. It was nice to have family here even though our house was crazy. What a blessing that I get to have my family with me, a warm safe house, amazing dinners (smoked ribs and barbecue for Christmas dinner. Yes I know thats different. :), three of our 4 kids here with us and we could bless each other with a few gifts. I would say we had a wonderful Christmas. 


Christmas Tree 2016

Work over the holidays was tough. All the people in the house and kids running around. It was tough focusing on my work...and I often just said to myself, "Just enjoy it, because it won't be this way forever." I did have a little help with the kids towards the end of the week and got a few things done. The holidays are a tough time to get things done. I did play with my family and enjoy them so I guess I got the right things done. How about you? Did you work or spend time with family? I can't wait for next year.


Happy New Year!




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