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I am Heather Bunker: Designer, branding genius, mom of 4 and DIY lover. This blog is a mix of business and fun - full of helpful tutorials, marketing insights and design inspiration!





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Really my process is pretty simple…design just takes a lot of time, sweat and sometimes tears (if I have a run in with my X-Acto blade). Hours of work goes into a single logo or website. TO many of the clients that I work with, the creative and technical process is a somewhat familiar one AND THE PROCESS IS A NATURAL PART OF THEIR CRAFT. DESIGNING AND DRAWING FURNITURE AND DESIGN BEFORE THEY BEGIN TO WORK. I find that If I don’t work with a process my work is subpar AND HALF HEARTED. MY DESIGN process is an integral part of my design toolbox.


Here is how I work:



This is after a contract has been signed and we are officially working together. I set aside an hour or so to discuss in depth the clients business. We will either talk about a new logo and discuss topics like. Your competition, goals as a company, target audience, colors, textures, typography, etc. We will also discuss your business problems and areas where you feel your brand needs work. Basically, we just talk a lot about you.


2.  PLAN: 

After our meeting or phone call, I would dive into research. I will look at your competition, create user personas, discover your brand and all of your social media channels, research your target market, talk with people who might be in your target market and start sketching ideas and iterations. I basically do a brand audit. I will take a look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and your competition. 



After I have had the chance to really research and understand your business I begin my iteration process. This is where I let my creativity go, jam out to dubstep or something like that and really dive in. I tune out everything and draw and sketch anything my brain thinks of. I often come up with the best ideas after having a few chai lattes and take a walk with my dog Lilly. This step takes me a while. It is my favorite part of the design process and I think its the most important. I love ideas and coming up with new solutions and custom design ideas, this is my favorite part of design.



I would pick out the number of concepts that we agreed upon in your contract and begin drawing and refining them on the computer. This can take a lot of time sometimes but not always. Getting things just right and pixel perfect is my goal. Combining different type styles or hand written lettering to create the perfect number of options for us to discuss.



We would have a client meeting to discuss logo options and revisions.


After approval, we would begin a stationary system design, brochure or another print piece that we decided upon in our proposal and contract and essentially the design process begins all over again. 


With a website, my process is essentially the same except I have a few more steps. After step number 2 I would create a sitemap and develop wireframes. The sitemap and wireframe is a guide, they help us stay on track and guide our decision-making process while designing the final website concepts. After we choose a final design concept we develop it and launch.


In short, that is my process. What kind of process do you have? I would love to hear don’t be afraid to share how you work in the comments.

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