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I TOOK MY MOTHER IN LAW, STEPDAUGHTER ALYSSA, AND CHILDREN TO OUR CHURCH, The Edge Church, IN KNIGHTDALE NC AND WAS BLOWN AWAY BY MY PASTOR'S SERMON. before I went to bed last night I knew that I needed to wake up early somehow and sneak away from my children to spend some time with god...after I heard such an awesome sermon yesterday. pastor Pete as we call him, really spoke the word yesterday. you can see the video here. he talked about health and what makes us spiritually and emotionally healthy. I realized that I fill my life with things to do and sometimes i forget why I'm doing them. 


This morning after I could sneak away from my needy toddlers...I went to the Lord and this is what he said:


When we find ourselves stuck, we can either crumble or cling. Some days I am so busy and frenzied trying to get all "the things done". I forget why I'm doing "all the things"'s not because I have to do them or my house and family would fall apart. It's because I love them. I love every inch of my stubborn Owen, and my bouncy Emmalyn, my stubborn and sassy stepdaughter, growing crazy stepson Tyler...and most of all my grumpy and funny best friend, my husband . I love them will everything I have. I do those things because I know they will someday see the Lord in me. The way that God loves us I hope that sometimes they can see past my yucky sinful self and see the love that God has given me to give them.



How am I supposed to show my family love and compassion when I myself don't take the time to spend with the Lord. In Psalm 63:8 David writes, “My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.”


It makes no sense to try and go through the motions of all the daily "things" when we have no purpose besides checking off a box of things to do. PUT God back in and I'm sure that love will follow. Actually, it's absolutely certain.


When David wrote Psalm 63 he was hiding in the wilderness.


He was hiding in the wilderness of Judah, on the run from a man (King Saul) who wanted him dead. Literally, David was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Even though the odds were stacked against him and "all the things" weighed him down, he looked to our Savior, the Lord of all things to hold him up. 


He prayed, he spent time with the Lord and went to him first. Ugh, I seem to always let the "things" get in the way. Scripture eventually tells us David was eventually released from his stuck place, too. And through him, the Lord established a kingdom that would never end. If I want to continue serving and loving my family I have to first seek God.


The dishes can wait so that I can spend a few minutes with my God.

Be Blessed!

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