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Holiday Collaboration Ideas For
Your Handmade business​




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Quick! Grab a cup of hot chocolate or nice chai latte (that is what I like) and a notebook and get your elf hat on. It is time to do some brain storming. Christmas is coming faster than comet on maple syrup so it is time to get your business in gear for the upcoming holiday rush. Do you have some promotion ideas in the works? You should. I know it is only October but if your just now getting started your already late. You can read up on a few promotion ideas here. But for now lets talk about a few holiday collaboration ideas. You are probably asking what exactly collaboration or partnering is?

According to Wikipedia Cross-promotion is a form of marketing promotion where customers of one product or service are targeted with the promotion of a related product. Really it is about Getting together with other artisans (or brands) to promote and collaborate on your marketing efforts to gain potential new followers to your brand from a potentially new audience. 


 You are probably wondering what some of the advantages to cross-promoting your product is...and actually, the benefits outweigh any risks. 



Benefits to cross-promotion:



The cost of promotion is less because you are working with another business. You are sharing half of the costs to reach double the potential brand followers. How can you go wrong with that? 


Winner Winner Pheasant Dinner:


Really cross-collaboration is a win-win situation for both businesses. Both are gaining new exposure, combining each others strengths, growing together without the added cost.


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy:


Marketing your handmade business with cross promotion is one of the easiest and often most successful marketing strategy you can take on. Double the brain power, double the money, double the awesomeness. Both businesses can promote themselves with the benefit of another team member.


How to choose who you work with:


According to this amazingly written article by Jason P. Davis, an INSEAD Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family wrote an article about what the big tech firms do for collaboration. The article was written for Forbes and covers how the large players in tech deal with collaborations and pair up. You should most definitely read it and perhaps apply the cycling idea if you are looking to pair up with multiple businesses.  



For highly innovative group collaborations, do what the big tech firms do: Cycle through collaborations with different pairs and take the long view.



Create a Joint Newsletter

Create a newsletter about an effort you are engaged in your community. Art shows, community projects, or events (either done by you or others), Concerts, Outreach, Fund Raisers etc all would make a good newsletter. You could even develop a newsletter in conjunction with multiple artisans about a specific event or project. 



Share your brands and cross promote on social platforms



Double your visibility by sharing each other's work on social media. This is a great way to share but keep in mind that you don’t want to make it seem like your trying to Sell…just share. Don’t overload your customers with a bunch of over sell…rather, make sure to craft your messages in a way that relates to each audience. Make it relevant. For example, you could share a friends brand and thank them for their contribution in donating to the Red Cross…or local charity. Just be sure that whatever you share enhances your brand. :) Which brings me to the next idea…



Co-sponsor a good cause



Get together and make a difference. Joint charitable sponsorships are likely to gain more attention if more than one business sponsors a cause. Perhaps you could sponsor a local school, local sports team, art center, or even a local co-op or food bank. Pick a cause that fits in with both of your brands. 

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