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I have been busy working on a fun new project for a local north Carolina vineyard and winery. Locklear vineyards & Winery is a family owned and operated vineyard, and it just so happens I discovered that the winery is one of the first native American owned winerIES. I loved that! the stories and the heritage behind the wine and the pride that is taken in every step of the winemaking process is so cool. Working with them has been really fun AND I CANT WAIT TO WORK WITH THEM IN THE FUTURE!


A little bit about Locklear Vineyards & Winery

Locklear Vineyard & Winery is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery that provides the public quality and delicious muscadine wine (seriously you have to try it). The company offers 12 different labels and includes a variety of blends. The first wholly owned Native American estate winery in the state of North Carolina is and should be an important part of the brand and included in their story. All aspects of their wine production is performed on the estate including growing and harvesting the fruits that are used in their varieties. The Locklear Vineyard and Winery came to me to establish themselves as a high performing and desireable wine, establish a visual brand that is true to their personality and quality and to establish a consistent visual identity that stands out amongst their competition. Communicating clearly their brand and story was truly necessary to gain a competitive advantage.




I think what I love most about Daryl and the Locklear brand is that is full of history. I love that his family has put in the hard work and tilled the soil, planted the grapes and put in the hard hours to establish such a cool brand. The recipes are handed down from his great grandmother and grandfather and their is alot of pride taken in their work and struggle to establish a wine that is true to their culture. It really was fun helping the Locklear Winery figure out their target market, establish a visual identity that they would identify with and tell the Locklear story in a visual way. 


Locklear Winery Illustration







I started with the Locklear Original logo and turned it into a logo that could be scaled appropriately depending on the brand touchpoint that it was applied. I wanted to be sure to keep the original style and look but refine it and modernize it just a bit to fit the target market appropriately. 




The owner and I discussed a few different options for a visual direction but we settled on an illustration that we could change according to the project. The illustration to the left is a concept that could be applied and changed according to the wine variety and purpose of the marketing materials. I loved the idea of incorporating a few elements that were reminiscent of the Lumbee tribe of Native Americans. I did quite a bit of research and knew I wanted to incorporate the river and water into the illustration and brand. The tear drop shape would remain the same but the illustrations and images would change depending on the type of wine.


My hope was to create something that could be molded and changed but still maintain the essence of the brand, the history and awesomeness that is Locklear Winery. 


The Visual Brand All together


Locklear Winery Brand




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