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My SON TURNED ONE IN DECEMBER BUT I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY AND WE HAD A CRAZY SNOWSTORM HERE IN NORTH CAROLINA HIS BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS RESCHEDULED TILL THIS WEEKEND. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS GROWING SO FAST! I HAD A GREAT TIME CRAFTING HIS Decorations and party favors. I don't know why but I love it. My husband on the other hand hates it! He said, "You get so stressed out before parties it can't be healthy" I only get stressed because I am, sad to say it, somewhat of a perfectionist. I want people to feel comfortable and welcome in my home and this is one way I can do that. 

The Invitations:

Because the party was pretty last minute I decided to just do a Facebook invite. And design a simple card design that might look cute as the cover photo. I got to use my new Christmas present from my dear husband to whip it up. I just loved how fast it made the process. 


Lumberjack Birthday Invite



As a busy mom, I had a lot more planned for this party but work and craziness got in the way. I always put so much stress on myself to have things just right. Everything in its place. I am learning that its ok to have a tiny bit of a mess. It is impossible to erase the mess kids create. When I think about it I really don't want to. I want people to know we are real people, life isn't perfect and our house is lived in but I want them to feel at peace and know that God does live in our house, even with the mess.


I don't like to spend a lot of money and try to decorate for parties with things I have. I am a frugal mommy and I enjoy saving money and finding ways to decorate without spending a fortune. Since it is his first birthday and he was born a few days after Christmas I figured it would be easier to do something that would go with my Christmas decorations. I decided on the lumberjack theme because I could find things on sale after Christmas. Boy did I! Target had some things 85% off. I picked up most of my paper party supplies and banners for like 30 cents! That was awesome. Usually, I would just make them but nowadays my time is non-existant so I opted for the time saver. I had my husband cut a few chunks of log from our wood pile and used some other Christmas decorations I had on hand. I also used a huge poster board I saved from my daughters second birthday and used it to make birch tree wall decor. Easy and pretty quick, I finished in an hour or so.




Lumberjack decorations


Here is SMORE fun:

Everyone loves smores, right? Well, at least my family does. I saw some pretty cute ideas on Pinterest so I thought I would make a family smore kit. The kit contains enough ingredients for 4 smores. If the family was large I just gave them two...or three. We only had 3 families come but that was enough for our little country house. 10 kids and 5 adults was enough and luckily I had enough smores for them all. 


Have Smore Fun Lumberjack party


My Thoughts:

This year has gone by so quickly. Its hard to believe just one year ago I gave birth to this handsome little man. He is so full of love, curiosity, silliness, determination, and toughness. I love watching him learn and grow every day this past year. God really has blessed me with an amazing job where I can be home and still see them. Teaching and loving my two children is my greatest accomplishment. They sure do test my endurance and patience but I have learned so much from them. God really does bless us with children. They bring so much to our lives. I can't wait to see what kinds of things I will learn from him in the next year.


Here are a few things that Owen has taught me in his first year.


1. Breastfeeding is still the hardest thing on earth.

2. Sibling rivalry is a very real thing.

3. Being two places at once is not impossible when you have two young kids.

4. Poop has a mind of its own and it usually appears right after breakfast.

5. Baby kisses are best with lots of slobber.

6. Snuggles are best done at 3AM.

7. Date night is imperative.

8. It is ok to put babies in their highchair so you can poop by yourself.

9. He can make me laugh and cry at the same time...without notice.

10. When he wants something he will do a running tackle to get it. 

11. Life is short enjoy even the little minutes with them, they grow too fast.









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