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I met Teresa last fall at the Raleigh 2016 CAROLINA ARTISAN CRAFT MARKET while meeting with my other friend Michael brown - chairmaker. I stopped in to see her work and oogle her amazing handbound leather journals. We had a brief conversation and talked the next week for nearly 2 hours! but, Almost a whole year went by and I got a call from Teresa this August and there started our new business relationship. 


working with Teresa has been a joy! She from the very start was so interested in learning about my process, how I think and really loved to learn all she could. I love that about her! She is so passionate about her business and educating herself, it is contagious. all throughout the process Teresa was more than happy to go through my process and understood the importance of each step. I bet now she sees why it is so important. 


Minds Eye Journals Online Store


from the user experience DESIGN (sitemaps), wireframes, and design stage and even through the development stage we worked diligently to get it finished before the Tennessee craft fall art show. she was so excited for the final product and being able to control her website herself. OH, THE COSMIC POWER!!! To control and design your content yourself! I think that she really likes being able to make changes and update content herself. Publish blog posts, set promotional codes, and drive more sales all from her own desktop - or even her cell phone. To her, that ability was priceless considering the many hours she is on the road traveling.


It was really important for us to tell her story - her brand.


We told her professional story, personal story, and we talked about her process. Teresa wanted to focus on these three things and so below is how we designed her About page. 


Minds Eye Journals Story



Initially, Mind's Eye Journals was dark obtrusive and hard to navigate. Not now, as you can see we cleaned up the user experience, made her journals the star of the show. Nice clean product photography (taken by her amazingly talented husband...who is also a maker!) that really showcases the details of each journal allows them to breathe and stand out. Before the journals were photographed on a dark background where they faded into the overall dark feeling of the website. I am very happy with the way Mind's Eye Journals turned out. I think Teresa is too and I'm glad to have gained a new friend and client.


Mind's Eye Journals Old and New







Teresa, I have been blessed with your friendship and business and I can't wait to see how your business grows over the next few years. What an adventure we have had so far. Cheers to an exciting new friendship.


Minds Eye Journals - Friends


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