11 Valentines Gifts For The Maker In Your Life

My husband is terrible at gift giving. If you have never heard of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman that’s ok, just know that my husbands gift, is not giving. He is wonderful at making me things though (like the amazing entryway organizer, closet organizers, and the like) but I don't expect it to be beautifully wrapped or especially sentimental. I love him, and sadly I am bummed to have to do this. After 8 years of marriage, 3 years of dating, and 2 years of friendship that If I want something I have to tell him. So I figured what better way to do that than create a literal list of my most coveted makers and the products I want him to buy. I figure most of these things might be on your list too or perhaps the maker or artisan you love.

He says that I am hard to buy for. Do you know anyone like that? I never thought of myself as someone that is hard to buy for. I guess because I could literally walk into any art show in the country and spend my entire life savings in one place. Trust me I have to budget myself when I attend any art show because I could buy everything!

So here is a short list of makers that light my fire:

*Also, none of these makers paid me to list these...they are honestly things I would love:

1.  Paula Elaine Barnett 

These  sterling silver or 14k gold mismatch earrings are super awesome.
If find myself loosing earrings all the time so why not mix and match without fear of loosing! They are beautiful and would be easy to wear. I can see easily putting these in a travel bag for an art show. I also love the price point.

2. Alewine Pottery

I love nothing better than a good piece of functional pottery. This bowl by Alewine Pottery is beautiful and functional. I can just see it sitting on my counter...waiting for homemade pancakes or a quick breakfast casserole to be mixed up in it.

3. Richmond kettle company

This one is a little bit pricey but something I could love for a lifetime! Copper just has this classic and nostalgic feeling to it and you cant beat that. I just love the simplicity and vintage vibe to this kettle. I wouldn’t mind leaving this one out on the stove. I love a good cup of Chai tea in the morning, and this kettle would probably heat up some water in a jiffy.

4. Studio Emma Odenkirchen

Emma makes these amazingly bold and simple pieces of jewelry using polymer clay. Each piece is unique and strikingly amazing! I would love to pair this with a simple t-shirt and jeans for those busy mom days. I have found that a simple necklace can uplift a drab mom day in a hurry. Her brand is on point too! All of her marketing materials and online presence is consistent which makes me smile inside.

4. Good Ju Ju Herbal

Who doesn’t love a good moisturizer!!? This one I have heard can be used all purpose and lately I have been trying to simplify life with less stuff. Beard oil (for the husband) and baby oil of course for the baby. Who wouldn't like a bit of good JuJu all over their skin?

5. LaBellaLeda

This hand carved wooden salt cellar w/spoon is perfectly organic and just what I am looking for.

6.Tara locklear Jewelry

I have a pair of earrings from Tara Locklear Jewelry and I wear them all the time. I guess the love of her work comes from my skateboarding and kiteboarding days. I love her graphic style and who doesn’t love a nice statement piece. This could be displayed as artwork on my wall. A duel purpose necklace. 

7. AWL SNAP Leather Goods Co.

Ok so this one is purely because I loose my wallet all the time. When I am out and about at art shows or at the park juggling 3 kids this simply beautiful leather wallet clutch would work perfectly. I am also really hard on my items and I  know that this one would last for more than a year. ;)

Promethean Knives

If my husband ever wanted to treat me to something that would treat him too (afterall who cooks for him?!) for the rest of his life, he could pick me up a few of these bad boys and I would be set. Check out these amazing knives handcrafted by Salem Straub. Sadly you cant find them on his website but you can on Sparrowhawkcookware.com. While you are visiting they have quite a few other things I love too. Did you know I love to cook?

9. Meeka Fine Jewelry

This ring is amazing! Just the perfect ring...really, that’s all I have to say Meeka Fine Jewelry also hosts other artisans on her website and I love that! Way to celebrate the handmade and join together in community. That makes me want to support her even more!

10. Sugarhouse ceramic co.

I frequently paint when illustrating for clients and I hate my ugly travel plastic pallet. I hide it in my desk because i don’t like to look at it. This amazing extra large paint pallet could sit out on my desk permanently.


I have a big family and when I host dinners I find I am always getting up to refill water pitchers. So, I thought it’s time for a few larger pitchers so I can stay with my guests and actually enjoy their company. These amazing handcrafted copper pitchers are beautiful and would look lovely on a shelf or with a bouquet of flowers. I love everything about it.

So perhaps you know of a maker or designer that is hard to buy for, maybe this list will give you an idea for Valentines Day or heck even an anniversary gift.

I always thought I was easy to buy for. I tell him he could literally go to any art show and probably find me something I would fall head over heels for. Another idea for the makers in your life might be to craft something yourself. I know that when I am given a handmade gift I treasure them.

I should probably let you know that I actually read this post to my husband to see if I could share it without him being upset. He said, “it’s the truth and I ain't afraid of no truth.” So i guess that was permission to share. Now he can search for my post to get gift ideas. Maybe I should make lists like this more often. That way he will never run out of ideas for gifts.

Happy Valentines Day

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