August 27, 2019

5 Simple Ways To Help Your Business Grow

Here are 5 Simple Ways To Help Your Business Grow...

1. A new visual Identity:
Does your visual identity speak directly to your customers? Does it catch their eye? A visual identity is the visual component of your brand strategy that should connect your customer's emotions, feelings and experiences with your brand. It includes anything visual that your customers see. Including a logo, typography, patterns, photography, icons, and color. A strong brand name and logo/image helps to keep your company in the mind of your potential customers. If a customer's happy with your products or services, a solid brand identity helps to build customer loyalty across your business. People like to be a part of a "good brand". Help them do that.

2. Create a Social Media Calendar
It is one easy way to stay on the radar and not let yourself slip. I find myself drifting away from creating consistent communication on social media if I don't have a plan. There are so many tools to use. Find the best one and take an hour a week to create a strategy and you will find yourself doing it more.

3. Build A Marketing Strategy
One of the greatest benefits of developing a marketing plan is that it helps you to focus your resources and plan for your business growth. Yes, business growth!‍ The planning process helps you to understand some of the things that may affect your success. Instead of worrying about the future, you can actually have a sense of control over your business and livelihood and an action plan to get there.

4. More Networking
This is, of course, one of the best and easiest ways to grow your business. I am a huge believer in the saying “no man is an Island”. This is true in every aspect of our lives. From motherhood (so lonely right?) to your career. We all need to make a collective effort to meet new people and build mutually beneficial relationships. For many individuals that have succeeded in their career, the causes have largely been contributed to the strong networking channels they have created over time.

5. Redesign Your Packaging
Simple really, everyone loves getting a beautifully packaged gift at Christmas right. It makes a huge difference in how your customers feel. One time (or two) my husband just threw a really nice gift into a paper bag. It didn't feel as special. If he were to have taken the time to really do a proper job the gift would have been even more loved. I really don't remember what the gift was but I remember the wrapping. That goes to say your package, label and wrapping counts. You want your customers to connect emotionally with the experience.



Before you waste anymore money on marketing, and have a terrible logo designed by someone who doesn’t have a clue, gain some much-needed clarity, insight, and inspiration for your business with a customized Brand Strategy. I understand what it’s like to be lost in your own hot mess, so let’s pull you out on the other side, and build your brand from the ground up.