Carolina Designer Craftsman Guild In Raleigh -2016

This weekend i was asked by a mighty fine chair maker to visit his booth at the carolina artisan craft market in raleigh. Boy am i glad i went. You wouldn’t believe the amazing work i got to witness. Jewelry that i couldn’t help but drool over, furniture, baskets, pottery and ceramics and so much more. I got the chance to speak with some amazing artists and even got a little inspired myself. I figured i would share with you a little bit of what i got to see.

First, I really went to meet Michael Brown, a chairmaker making his fine furniture out of Grantsboro, North Carolina. I loved meeting him. He is one of those guys you could talk to forever, a craftsman who just oozes his passion for his work. I really enjoyed talking to him about his work and his brand. His chairs are beautiful and honestly the best thing I have sat in, ever. At a design agency I worked at before we had Herman Miller Aeron chairs and these chairs, beat those by a million miles. My husband came with and he even said after we left I think Michaels chair fixed my back. He has been having some back pain and claims he hasn't had any since Saturday. It was a joy meeting Michael and his wife and discussing their passion for fine woodworking and I can't wait for our next call.

What I love about Michael's work is that he custom makes his furniture and designs his chairs based on his client's height, weight and stature which truly guarantees a perfect fit. You won't find a chair like his in Staples that is guaranteed. His brand essence is awesome and we discussed updating and establishing a more professional visual identity for his business. I can't wait for our next phone call.

Check out more of his work here.

Michael Brown Chairmaker


Alan Daigre Designs - Natural Textures and Clean Simple Furniture

Alan Daigre has been crafting his signature rope and block chairs for more than 10 years. They are gorgeous and the block design I just adore. View more of his work.

Alan Daigre Designs

Jake Johnson - Functional & Sculptural Ceramics

The colors and organic shapes of Jake Johnson's Ceramics are beautiful. Definitely, my style for sure and I loved his teapots. His designs have a simple midcentury feel and would fit nicely in my own home. I think I love that his work is both sculptural and functional at the same time. His color choices are fantastic as well, a good mix of neutrals and colors that pop.  Check them out for your self here.

Jakes Clay Art

Kim Thompson-Stone and Sterlingwear

I discovered a Kim Thompson and her booth of jewelry early on in the show. I loved her "Meditation on a Leaf" collection. I loved the geometric shape of the metal paired with the organic lines and character of the leaf. The Large Leaf Rectangle Necklace is my favorite.

Minds Eye Journals-Amazing Leather Journals

Theresa is a bookbinder who is after my own heart. Her work is so fun and intriguing. A perfect gift for the lover of illustration, design, fine papers, writing, journaling artist or traveler. I saw her work before and I just love it! I might have to pick myself up one of her journals for my design sketchbooks. I usually buy a new sketchbook every 6 months or so and these would look amazing on my shelf full of my design sketches and ideas.
You may view her work here.

Minds Eye Journals

Emily Claire Designs - Awesomely Beautiful Jewelry

I couldn't help but pawn over Emily's amazing jewelry. I would have loved a piece of her jewelry as my wedding band. I am totally going to remind my husband about her work and put her website on my Christmas list. I love the organic and rough nature of her sterling work. The organic lines and shapes are so dreamy. You can view her beautiful work here.

emily claire designs

Lynda Bahr Jewelry - Fun, Detailed, and Dimensional

I had the privilege of meeting Linda and discussing her amazingly detailed work. I love how you can look at a piece of her work and see something new every time you look back at it. So incredibly detailed and full of her passion. Each piece truly is a piece of art. We talked about who had inspired us as creators and I told her of one of my childhood mentors a metalsmith named James Malone-Beach. I should probably write about him but that's for another day. Linda was a joy to talk to and her work is quite impressive.  


Christina Boy Design - Funky Fresh Midcentury Designed Furniture

Gosh, where do I even start? I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Christina. What an inspiration! I myself have a passion for woodworking and the intrinsic qualities of wood. She creates these beautiful and detailed pieces that are just so fresh and simple. Really how can a piece of furniture be detailed and still be simple? Well, she pulls it off. I love her work and if I could take a few weeks away from work I would love to take one of her woodworking classes in Virginia. Here is another hint for my husband for Christmas...this one...this one...this.
View more here.

Christina Boy Design Furniture

What a weekend of adventure and what a way to include some romance in your life. I suggest going to the next Carolina Designer Craftsman Guild event and bring your spouse. Lots of things to see and talk about. I had a great time and I am looking forward to next years event.

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