August 6, 2018

My Favorite Englishman And Afternoon Tea

I had to take a moment this afternoon and write about an amazing man that I know:  His name is Michael Brown, and he is one of my clients, one of my makers. He is an Englishman, and, every afternoon, he takes a spot of tea.  today, I had the privilege of having him as my guest for a spot of tea. I was quite excited to have him over to see my little country home and to spend some time with him. my daughter, Emmalyn, was thrilled with the idea of having a tea party herself.

Michael is not only an Englishman, he is also an amazing woodworker. He crafts Windsor chairs by hand with so much love. Each one is crafted with old-fashioned wood-working tools and lots of grit. Take a look at some of his amazing craftsmanship here; oh, and be sure to have a rag handy to catch the drool!

I've been Michael's branding and design guru for the last year,  His chairs, and commissioned work, are to die for.  I've had the privilege of staring at the amazing curves and ogling his beautifully handcrafted pieces all day.  Needless to say, he is a wonderful maker, and I have been so blessed to be his friend and designer. Last year, we took a trip to his amazing home and studio as you can see below...

Before Michael came to visit today, I asked him if he had an old chair somewhere in his workshop that he might be willing to part with. (I knew that he made quite a few prototypes before he settled on the form he now uses the most.)

I've been dealing with an aching back from working such late nights, and, even though I see a chiropractor weekly, I was fed up with my older, $15 dollar office chair (thank you, Durham Rescue Mission - yes, I love thrift store shopping, and no, I am not ashamed!) Anyway, I told Michael to let me know the cost, but I was SO not expecting the blessing that he blindsided me with!



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