Self Care For Makers Giveaway!

Self Care For Makers Giveaway!


Doing what you love, setting your own schedule, making your own rules, it all seems great until you are really in the thick of it.
We know differently right.

Sweat, tears, grit, resilience and freaking hard work go into your business and it’s time you take some time to readjust, self reflect, and redefine your business and your brand. Owning your own business is hard and combining that with daily life of raising a family and caring for everyone else....but you, doesn't work.

I have realized that lately I am frustrated with my ever growing to-do list. I think we often forget why we even started our business in the first place and that was to enjoy life better with the people we love!

First and foremost let's not forget the importance of care-giving. You are not just someone who makes things to sell. Neither is your value intrinsically linked to the success of your brand or business. You should remember that the true value of your life is the care you show yourself and others. Your life will be better if you can just remember that life isn't about what you can put in a box and sell.

I want to encourage you to take care of yourself and make a little extra time to just do you.

A little self-care is vital for building resilience toward those in life that you can't eliminate. When you've taken steps to care for your mind and body, you'll be better equipped to live your best life.

Unfortunately, however, many people view self-care as a luxury, rather than a priority. Consequently, they're left feeling overwhelmed, tired, and ill-equipped to handle life's ebbs and flows.

The Giveaway!

This month I have partnered up with a few amazing makers I love, to encourage YOU (makers and small business owners) to take care of yourself. You know that you could use a little TLC and a few reminders that self-care is not an indulgence, it is a discipline we do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

So here is the lineup of goods:

-Win a complete brand strategy from yours truly - Heather Bunker Branding Co - Worth $4,699.


I understand what its like to feel like you can’t take another step forward, fearful of where your business is headed next. It’s ok to be in that spot. Especially nowadays with the threat of viruses, social injustice, the economy, saturated marketplaces. I get it. We are all a bit afraid, but you don’t have to be. As makers we have a tendency to hold ourselves back. Fearful of what others will think. It’s time to take a moment and reestablish who you are as a person and as a business.

It’s your time.

Time to put a bit of love back into your business, the business you created with love and passion - and reflect on what is next and what amazing things you want to see happen. Working through your business hiccups, discovering your unique aesthetic and brand personality will help you clear your head, find clarity and allow you to focus on the most important part of being a business owner. Growth without fear. Are you ready to redefine you, standout, play it smart and be courageously different?

-Take care of yourself with a little TLC, straight from one of my favorite skin care companies Lo And Behold Naturals.

The Face Mask Duo & Handmade Bowl Set turns mixing your Lo & Behold face masks into a ritual. The set includes their Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Face Mask Pouch, Coconut & Rosehip Moisturizing Face Mask, a vegan bamboo fan brush, and a ceramic mixing bowl handmade for Lo & Behold by their friend Lauren Sumner Studio in Raleigh, NC. Each face mask pouch contains 3-5 face masks so you be stoked about your nightly skincare routine.

-Make your life a bit easier with a carefully curated photography package from Rise Up Film And Photography worth $500.

Part of taking care of yourself is learning that some things are best left to the pros, like photography. Win a package of photos specially crafted for your brand. Send a box of your handmade goodies to Dana and she will create images of your products that are as excellent as your brand. Use these professional quality images in your social media and promotional materials to give your brand the visual life it deserves.

Dana thoughtfully crafted all of the images used in this campaign and even got a few amazing shots of my little girl (see below). If you are looking for a photographer who can capture emotion, style, and super professional images that fit your brand perfectly, she is your go to girl. Well, at least she is mine.

Of course I chose this photo out of all of Rise Up Film And Photography's shots because, isn't she just so cute?

-Win a 1 on 1 coaching session with Amika Ryan, your online Craft Biz Coach from Shepherd Like A Girl.

Sometimes a little help from a friend can help you see life and business differently and that's just what Amika does! If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a crafter, artist or maker then you need to meet her. She will help you start and grow your profitable handmade business so you can make a consistent income doing what you LOVE! She is really good at helping you move forward in your business as she has grown her own small business, a small Icelandic sheep ranching business in Southwestern Montana, USA into a thriving brand. She has uncovered the blueprint for what it takes to make a handmade business thrive in today’s digital world.

She can show you how to easily create products that sell and seamlessly implement industry-proven strategies in your own handmade businesses so you can stop trading your time for money!

-Win your choice of a truly handcrafted coffee from  Candle Stick Coffee shipped straight to your door so you can shine shine shine!

Take a break with the best coffee ever. I am serious when I say this is seriously good coffee. My coffee pot broke the other day and I went through hell and back to get a cup of perfectly crafted coffee. Even hand ground the beans myself!

-Win a perfectly handcrafted mug from Hanselmann Pottery. Hand thrown stoneware for the home and table, made in the USA since 1970!

Perfect for a little morning meditation or an afternoon pick me up. Whatever you do make sure it involves a cozy blanket.

- Win access to a Wellness For Makers amazing webinar called, Hands of a Maker”.

In this course she teaches you ways to reduce injury and fine tune your cramping, swollen and sore hands. Making is hard on the body. Especially, when you’re working in precarious positions for extended periods of time. When you’re in a groove it can be easy to think there is nothing you can do about it. Have you ever told yourself to just “power through”? I believe your body deserves more. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to start experiencing results. She will help you to create a lifetime of making and reduce your risk of injury in the future with strategies and techniques you can implement into your day in order to feel better in your hands, wrists, and forearms.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to gain relief and build strength. I want you to feel motivated and empowered to move better in your studio.

-Win an amazing heirloom quality leather-bound journal from Minds Eye Journals and pour your heart out or create an amazing art journal.

This journal should never be hidden under a mattress, you will want to display this piece of artwork.


Giveaway Rules:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Bust be 18 years or older to enter. Winner must live in the U.S.A. Contest is not affiliated with Instagram. Winner announced July 20th at 6PM EST.

About The Author

Heather Bunker works with makers and artisan entrepreneurs who want to build a professional and profitable brand. She provides brand strategy, design, and marketing services along with a friendly disposition and a bit of encouragement. She has been a designer and art lover for over 15 years and is an active member of the AIGA, the professional association for design. "Heather’s design trademark is her unique perspective and originality. For clients she delivers designs that capture both a unique brand image and the audience's attention. Spunky, bright, creative, and her blog is a joy to read." You can learn more about how her services can help grow your business by subscribing or connecting on Instagram.