Are you frustrated with growing your business? Are you trying to build your skyscraper while remodeling the first floor? Do you know where to put your efforts? Do you need a bit of inspiration and clarity?

Most entrepreneurs create their brand unconsciously and DIY as they go or sometimes you hire a bad designer and slap together a logo and pick colors but never truly are in love with what you receive. Of course this works to just get the doors open but over time you end up with a crazy mess of a brand. Or maybe your brand was perfect at first but now it doesn't fit your target audience.

You know that your brand is important to growing your business, but it feels overwhelming to try and fix. What if I told you that it can be easy, fun and can 10X your marketing efforts almost overnight.

I have worked in agency settings, and with Fortune 500 brands but I love small businesses because of the grit and tenacity of the makers I get to serve. I want to help you overcome any hiccups you are feeling, help you build a brand foundation that will 10X your sales and allow you to beat out the competition without a ton of effort.

I want to help you craft a visible brand, one that is loved, followed, and shared. I would love to help you gain much needed insight, clarity, confidence and design a brand you would be proud of.

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