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The art of Sana Doumet is a reflection of her multicultural life and wide-ranging interests. Having grown up as a child in Lebanon, she studied in Italy and Boston, lived in Ecuador for a decade, and now resides in Florida.


It was in Ecuador — surrounded by yet another new culture to absorb — that Sana’s passion for sculpture evolved into a desire to work on a smaller scale, to sculpt through the medium of jewelry.


Not surprisingly, Sana’s sources of inspiration are as diverse as her experiences. Everything from the directness of the natural world to the creative sophistication found in museums — whether the art is ancient or contemporary — are inputs that eventually find their way into her work.



The jewelry she creates is marked by bold geometry and the subtle play between gold and silver and — in some cases — gemstones. 


It may in part be why her work is so appealing to women in their 40s and 50s; women with strong personalities who have lived enough to appreciate both what can be found in the new and what can be gleaned from tradition. Her pieces are bold and make a statement about the wearer. 


They are not simple adornment.


As is not uncommon for a working mother — she has three children — Sana faces daily the challenge of there not being enough hours in the day. Time is at a premium and after breakfast, it’s time to get down to business, either working on the creative side of her business or dealing with the mundane tasks like paperwork and shipping. Every day is different, but full.


Be sure to see Sana's beautiful work for yourself. She also has a great feed on Instagram where she shares some of her studio work. I will be putting this piece on my Christmas wish list! 

Go take a gander at Sana Doumet Jewelry's and add something to your wishlist this Christmas.

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