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Wow, have the times changed! 


I remember all of the small businesses that lined the streets of my hometown 

in Mid-Michigan when i was a little girl - The local hardware stores, the family-owned diner, the ice cream shop (hollar!), the pet store, the bars, and the little rollerskating rink I worked at in High School - they all have a special place in my heart. The sad thing,though, is that small businesses have been quite transformed in the last 20 years. some may have been closed down and forgotten. 


now, however, small businesses can broaden their nets.  now, small businesses have the internet, and, with the internet, come millions of people who could be potential customers. Now, we can build new businesses that were not even fathomable 20 years ago. Now, you can sell your amazing handmade, and one-of-a-kind, jewelry, and furniture, from 1000 miles away, and This new digital revolution is changing the way we do business. 


It’s also changing the way creative entrepreneurs are thinking, which is very cool and exciting. Now, more than ever, we can take what we love to do and share that with the world. Author and blogger Robert Wallace has said, "Don’t seek what the world needs. Seek what you can’t live without and share IT with the world.” 




He is so right.


Recently, with the help of my amazing husband, I made this cool water table to keep my kids busy so I could work outside. It can be filled with sand and water, water beads, or other nature elements. Talk about a whole new level of awesomeness — I loved it, I needed it, and now I have something that keeps them busy while I work.


Water Table Play

So, while you are working away, kicking butt and crafting amazing handcrafted jewelry, custom furniture, incredible homemade foods and goods, artisan fashions, pottery and such, don’t forget to think about the things that you need and how you can share them with your tribe, or the world - heck, you might even start another business! Water Table Anyone? ;)



Kick Artists' Block in the Rear

I often hear friends and family say, “I wish I could have a small business - I just don’t know what I would do.”  The one thing that I tell my family, clients, and friends (even my husband) is this - "Think about your two most favorite things, then combine them into one glorious idea."

Perhaps you love to garden and make pottery — so design a series of awesome plant markers or some cute plant starters ('cause who really likes those ugly black plastic things anyway?). 

Or maybe you love to cook and take photos — so make a cookbook complete with photos! Or make an edible


Or maybe you're a woodworker, have a soft spot for BBQ, and love college football (GO BLUE!) — so craft a college-football-inspired outdoor grill! 



The next time you are sitting at your workbench, think about your two favorite things and combine them. Think about what you need, make it, and share it with the world.

I promise you - something cool will always come from it.


If you get stuck while creating, just make something you love for yourself, or something you need, and I am certain that a world of possibilities will open up in your mind, and those creative juices will begin to flow. Don't worry if anyone else will like it — just do it for yourself. Kick that artist's block in the rear and send it packing. 


AND, if you need help with ideas, I love helping people find their niches and build

their passions.  If you're interested, or need a bit of help, I would love to talk about where you're stuck.


Let's talk about your ideas... Schedule an appointment here.  

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