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I mean, you can and should but instead read up about what my clients, friends, and coworkers say about working with me.

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"I met Heather through an email she sent me, who knew that worked, well IT did!!! I then met her in person and from that point on I felt safe in putting my families livelihood in her hands, I wanted to stop going to shows to find new clients and she bravely made me a new website and made it visible to potential clients, all this was way beyond my ability, I can work wood but this internet stuff, although really useful is a whole different field and needs someone with experience. Thank you, Heather. If you are a craftsman/woman and want to keep your business growing take on someone with the skills you lack, it is just a good business practice."  

-Michael Brown (Michael Brown Chairmaker)
"I have been fortunate to have worked with Heather for several years on a wide range of projects, from designing web pages, to infographics, to artwork for print and digital advertisements. With each and every project, I have been extremely happy with not only the finished product that Heather has created, but also her professionalism and her ability to consistently meet deadlines. Heather is certainly in the right field. She is an extraordinarily creative person, and has a unique ability to take a concept and bring it to life while adding great ideas of her own along the way. I am very happy to recommend Heather; her clients will be rewarded from working with her. " 

-Steve Bulger  (Vice President of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service at e-Fulfillment Service)
“I've had the pleasure of working with Heather at two different marketing agencies and can say, confidently, that she is one of the most talented graphic designers I've ever worked with. Her eye for designs that are innovative, yet intrinsically balanced, is a rare and valuable talent. Coupled with her "always sunny" disposition, Heather is a great asset to any team. I recommend her, highly, for her contribution to the design expertise and positive culture of any business.”  

-Carly Wujcik  (Owner of Wurck Consulting)
"Heather's knack for design has many dimensions. I have worked with Heather on projects that required her to interpret complex concepts as simplified images and figures. She goes above and beyond when it comes to every detail of a design, ensuring that the final product is of the highest caliber.  Heather's trademark is her unique perspective and originality. For clients she delivers designs that capture both the brand image and the audience's attention. Spunky, bright, creative and a joy to work with."  

-Kat Nelson (Owner of LFI-LABS)


Before you waste anymore money on marketing, and have a terrible logo designed by someone who doesn’t have a clue, gain some much-needed clarity, insight, and inspiration for your business with a customized Brand Strategy. I understand what it’s like to be lost in your own hot mess, so let’s pull you out on the other side, and build your brand from the ground up.