Enjoy a better life with your dog


A Dogs Life Training came to me a number of years ago seeking a professional and unique brand identity that would stand out from the competition. We crafted a unique and memorable logo that was infused with Samantha's personality and joy for life and dogs, and her belief that owners and dogs can have a great life together with a consistent training. They teach not only dog obedience but their number one goals is to teach the owners how they can better enjoy life with their dog.

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Just like you, I have high standards. I seek out partners and clients that are passionate, honest, and ready to see changes. Do you want to build a brand that is easy to manage, and grows like wildfire? Then let's talk over a cup of joe, tea, or heck, even a good beer, or you can just say hello. I would like that too. Let's jump on a call and get you started in the right direction.