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Please don't be shy...

Are you feeling a little shy? Well don't be! I love hearing from makers and artisan entrepreneurs like you. Even if you think you are not quite ready to work with me, or your product isn't quite good enough yet. That is ok! I started this business to help anyone who has a dream and wants to make it grow. If that is you then we should talk. I love the handmade and helping people like you is my passion. The real reason I stay up until 2 am working, just like you.

I am pretty old-fashioned and prefer a good ole' phone conversation, or getting a cup of coffee is always welcomed. So feel free to drop me a line at 919-348-0025, schedule a time to get a cup of joe.



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If you would like to get a little dose of free publicity, with a project to support the upcoming, emerging, and awesome makers that I think have amazing potential to grow. The project is called The Makers List and it's my way of helping out makers and artisans. We all know the ever growing importance of backlinks to our websites right. Well here is a good opportunity to gain new organic traffic to your website and get some free PR.

To join just send me a few things and I'll take a look to see if you have what it takes.

1. All you have to do is send me a quick intro and tell me why you should be included.
2. Send me links to your social media or website.
3. Subscribe to my newsletter to get tips and marketing awesomeness so you can grow your business.
4. And then let's schedule a time to do a 15-30 minute interview. That's it!