SINCE 2001.


Branding has become one of those buzz words that gets thrown around really easily. Most people don’t really understand what it is. That is why I have a job!

Branding goes way beyond your logo, colors and fonts. A brand is made up of non-tangible things like, your positioning, who your brand serves, where your product is sold and what your product looks like. Creating a brand for your business is much more than just creating a logo. You're creating a visual identity, your brand’s personality, and finding your voice, but most importantly, it’s building a reputation and a strategy behind your product.

Your brand has the potential to create a huge emotional impact on your customers and the decisions they make to buy. People often buy a product because of brand awareness, because they have created an emotional connection to a brand. The strength of a brand is directly related to the visibility of that brand within its target market. The greater the visibility of a product, the stronger the
brand. This relationship is captured in this simple equation: Brand Strength = Reputation x Visibility. It just makes sense: well-known brands with strong reputations—the best brands in an industry—are easy to refer. And you are less likely to become an, “I found it on Etsy" brand.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”  - Jeff Bezos




Collaboration, friendship, integrity, and the honest desire to make connections and grow together with other businesses is a foundation of Heather Bunker Branding Co.



Adventure and the desire to learn new things, see new things, are integral to creating and growing any business but are central to how we think.



Fighting the ever growing fight against bad design, terrible business advice, and small thinking. "Pretty" has never been the solution. The solution starts after research, development, testing and more research, always.


Hi, I am Heather Bunker and I am a mother, graphic designer, brand strategist, gardener, and lover of all things handmade.

First, I want to take you back to when I was about 9 years old...I grew up in a small town in Mid-Michigan with my mom and brother. Being a single mom she struggled to keep food on the table and a roof over our head but she managed to teach me a few amazing things.

1st just because you don't have a bank account full of money doesn't mean you cant have fun, be frugal, and make life remarkable.

And second, your passion is worth fighting for.

My passion for design started at a young age when my mom would craft us handmade costumes from goodwill finds and cardboard. She encouraged me to think differently, to make things If I didn't have them.

I went to an amazing Business College that taught me the importance of business, as well as design. I fell in love, I got married and had kids and realized I had to make this thing work. I wanted to see my kids grow up. I didn't want to miss out on the amazing pirate battles, and princess rescues, and play fights. Working late at an agency to meet unrealistic deadlines was not going to cut it.

I understand how hard it is to struggle as a new business owner, stuck in your own head and unclear of where to go with your business. God put me on this path as a brand strategist so I could help people like me. People who love making things. He knew my passion for design and strategy and put me in a place where I can help businesses come up with their own strategy, visual identities, and find their way too.

sometimes WE get in our own way. And sometimes we need a little help figuring it all out...and it's ok to reach out for clarity. even I do this on a regular.

You see it all goes back to my childhood. I always was intrigued by the handmade. My mom was always encouraging me to make what I didn't have. To learn new things and build a community around it. To me it's the independent thinkers, inventors, designers, and makers that really live and build a world I want my children to live in.

I believe in open-source learning, contemporary design, and living in a society that is free from visual clutter. Free from having too much...I believe in living simpler. We don't have to have a ton of stuff to live happy lives. I believe in handmade, authentic products that aren’t mass-produced, but thoughtful pieces of functional art.

I love helping makers and creative entrepreneurs like you, with design and brand strategies that give you clarity and the confidence to grow your business but also allow you to live and live amazingly.

I believe in finding clarity and building a strategy first, designing awesome websites and visual identities that match.

So you can grow your business and be with your family too.


Just like you, I have high standards. I seek out partners and clients that are passionate, honest, and ready to see changes. Do you want to build a brand that is easy to manage, and grows like wildfire? Then let's talk over a cup of joe, tea, or heck, even a good beer, or you can just say hello. I would like that too.