Rich in history and alive with a unique story, Locklear simplifies and grows great grapes but is also thriving.


Locklear Vineyards & Winery Locklear Vineyards & Winery came to me with a desire to set themselves apart from the many North Carolina muscadine wineries. I helped Daryl establish a clear brand positioning statement and helped walk him through what truly made their wine different. We then established user personas so he could more easily talk to his customers and what they love about Locklear Vineyards. We then created a simple visual-brand guideline to get them started. We established an illustration style that they could carry consistently throughout their brand's touch points and updated the original logo to a more modern take on the original drawn logo making it easier to use on marketing materials.

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Just like you, I have high standards. I seek out partners and clients that are passionate, honest, and ready to see changes. Do you want to build a brand that is easy to manage, and grows like wildfire? Then let's talk over a cup of joe, tea, or heck, even a good beer, or you can just say hello. I would like that too.