How To Master Running a Creative Business from Home with Young Kids

Running a business from home can be a bit like juggling flaming torches while dancing on a unicycle - challenging, yet oddly exhilarating.
Add young kids to the mix, and it's like turning that unicycle into a rollercoaster!

But fear not, my fellow parentpreneurs, because I've got a secret weapon in our arsenal: time blocking!

"Let me share a little secret with you: I'm a busy mom of three (5 but I didn't birth them and they are grown) incredible little humans. When I set out to build my business, my goal was crystal clear—I wanted to be there for my children every step of the way, to teach them, nurture them, and be an active part of their lives. It hasn't been an easy task, let me tell you. There were days when I found myself multitasking, nursing my baby during important phone calls and changing diapers during Zoom meetings. Yep, I did it all! But you know what? I used to believe that being a professional and a parent couldn't mix, and it held me back. Until one day, I said to hell with that! I embraced the fact that I can be both a loving mother and a successful professional. And you know what became my biggest weapon in this journey? Time management. I discovered that with effective time management, I could conquer any challenge that came my way. And let me tell you, my friend, you can do it too!" - Heather B.

Remember, you're not alone in this adventure of juggling business and parenthood.

Your personal story serves as an inspiration for others who are navigating the same path. Embrace your superpowers of motherhood and professionalism, and let time management be the driving force behind your success.

In this blog post, let's delve into the magical world of time blocking and discover how it can transform our chaotic days into a well-choreographed symphony of productivity and parenthood.

1. Embrace the Power of Time Blocking:

Alright, folks, time blocking is like being the CEO of your life - you call the shots! It's all about scheduling your day like a boss and making time your bestie.

So grab your planner and your superhero cape because you're about to become the master of your minutes!

a. Plan Ahead:

Picture this - you, sitting with your favorite beverage, mapping out the week like a strategic genius. Write down your business tasks, kids' activities, and even those precious moments of self-care. Planning ahead is like giving a GPS to your day - it keeps you on track, even when life tries to take you on detours.

b. Set Clear Boundaries:

Let's face it, folks, without boundaries, life can be a bit like a circus without a ringmaster.

So, kindly inform your adorable little monkeys (I mean kids) that when the "work-in-progress" sign is up, it's showtime for mom/dad to slay some business dragons. And when the "family fun" sign is on, it's playtime, baby!

c. Flexibility Matters:

Now, here's the kicker - life isn't scripted like a blockbuster movie. So, embrace the plot twists, and don't fret if your schedule hits a few bumps. Remember, even superheroes need to adapt to unforeseen challenges. Stay flexible and know that it's alright to improvise your way through the day. I also think its really helpful to realize that doing only the most important things in a day, still helps you move forward. Progress starts with little steps...and perfection sucks. It's not a real thing. As parents we know that am I right?!

2. Create a Productive & Creative Work Environment:

Picture this: you, sitting in your work oasis, free from the tiny tornadoes (I mean kids) that can strike without warning. Here's how to make your home studio or "the Batcave of productivity":

a. Designate a Dedicated Workspace:

Whether it's a corner with your favorite motivational posters or a desk that doubles as your creative playground, create a workspace that screams "I mean business!" You have to have a designated studio and office space. I can't tell you how important it is to have a productive work space. So find one.

b. Minimize Distractions:

Alright, let's face it - kids have a sixth sense for interrupting when you're in the zone. But fear not, fellow heroes! Silence those notification villains, and maybe even put a "Do Not Disturb - Business Genius at Work" sign on your door. Or you can even give them their own headphones to listen too while they draw and you work.

c. Utilize Nap Time and Bedtime:

Ah, the sweet sound of silence during nap time and bedtime - it's like music to our ears! Except when they find sharpies or make their way to your bathroom. I have had a few of these moments too. Naptime moments are like productivity power-ups. So, seize the opportunity to tackle those critical business tasks and conquer the world while your kid gets a few ZZZ's. It's also really helpful if you plan some outdoor time right before naptime. Tire them out and put them down. ;)

3. Incorporate Quality Time with Your Kids:

Now, here's the magic ingredient to this superhero potion - spending quality time with your little sidekicks! Let's make every moment count:

a. Be Present:

When it's playtime, give your kids the full VIP treatment. Put away the business gadgets and join their imaginary adventures. Remember, these moments are fleeting, so make them legendary!

b. Involve Your Kids:

Calling all junior business tycoons! Get your kids involved in age-appropriate ways. Who knows, maybe they'll invent the next kid-powered startup! Even assigning them simple tasks will make them feel like they're part of the superhero team.

c. Schedule Family Time:

Don't forget to schedule regular family time, where you can put on your capes and create memories together. Whether it's a dance party, a game night, or a movie marathon, these moments will remind you why being a parentpreneur is the best gig in the world.

There you have it, brave souls!

Time blocking is your secret weapon for conquering the challenges of running a business from home while raising young kids.

Remember, you're not just a superhero in the business world; you're also a champion parent.

Embrace the chaos, keep your sense of humor intact, and celebrate the small victories along the way. With time blocking as your trusty sidekick, you'll rock both the business world and the parenting universe!

Oh, and want a free tool that will get your kids involved in time blocking too!?

Cool, I have one. Download it now for free.

Now, go forth and embrace the power of time blocking. Let's make this journey of running a business from home with young kids an adventure filled with laughter, love, and a dash of friendly wit!

Happy time blocking and parenting, my fellow creative heroes!

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