Kitchen Kandy - The Metal Shop Meets The Kitchen

It’s probably a fair guess that Nathan Lane was a shop kid in high school. No, not the Broadway star of The Producers Nathan Lane, but the owner of Fast Lane Metalworks and now Kitchen Kandy, Nathan Lane.

When asked about himself, Lane immediately brings up “metal” and “motorcycles,” also, that he loves being in his shop, and building a project is what he lives for.

Always good to get a head start on high school shop class, he learned how to weld in “2nd and 3rd grades". Crazy I know.

His entrepreneurial spirit was also clear in high school when he took his gunsmith hobby and created his own line of products. The business never got off the ground, but his studies in mechanical engineering, love of fabrication, and wish to have his own business led him to his current career and maker of high end and custom made range hoods.

What was, Fast Lane Metalworks now focuses on lush, sleek, and dreamy kitchen upgrades that are both pleasing to the eye and totally functional. Way to find a niche Nathan!

Nathan, once the owner of Fast Lane Metal Works is no stranger to custom furniture, lighting elements, and other home and business decor pieces. His business grew into something quite unique. These specialty range hoods and kitchen bars grace the pages of home decor magazines that make you melt.

The overall effect of one of Nathans kitchen range hoods to a kitchen is quite extraordinary. The work has a heaviness to it — the fact that its made of steel and other metals is not hidden — but there is also a grace and lightness to it. By themselves, the range hoods lack the goosebump effect but once you see them in their native habitat and you might get all the feels. The company’s portfolio makes you appreciate the blend of fine design and technical metal fabrication that goes into their work.

Back to childhood and motorcycles, Lane grew up riding bikes — along with some serious paintball. When he first opened Fast Lane Metalworks he mostly concentrated on fabricating off-road accessories for ATVs and motorcycles. But, as he says, he likes to do new things, and adds, Quote “In order to have a business you have to be fluid.”  

With that in mind, his business has evolved and changed.

Kitchen Kandy employs seven people, sports two store locations, and has an impressive array of sleek creations installed in homes and businesses all over Dallas Texas. Not bad for a teenage metal-head. Stop by his Websiteor Instagram page and let him know Heather Bunker Branding sent you.

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