Well Dot believes in helping everyone do all things well. Your relationships and your circumstances.




The Well Dot and I started our long and awesome business relationship over a cup of coffee. The owner and maker, Rebekah Holland started her business from helping others. The story made me want to work with her. She began reflecting yearly in high school, every January. And from there she started helping her friends reflect and respond. Throughout our long journey we established The Well Dot with many meetings, skype dates, and revisions. Oh, the revisions.

We started working through the story of Well Dot and worked out who exactly they would really reach? We researched the competition and refined her plan. Established her target audience, and her mission. Through lots of thinking research and development we created a brand and visual identity that is stellar. Take a look:


Before you waste anymore money on marketing, and have a terrible logo designed by someone who doesn’t have a clue, gain some much-needed clarity, insight, and inspiration for your business with a customized Brand Strategy. I understand what it’s like to be lost in your own hot mess, so let’s pull you out on the other side, and build your brand from the ground up.